The answer is “no.” People, including myself, are using Facebook, Twitter, and G+ to post their thoughts and what they are up to. We want to be heard, we want to spread some sort of message for our causes, and we want to stay in touch with friends. But, rarely is it

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a meditative progression of the soul. There are instances where I want to post observations but have been too afraid to do so. There are instances where I really don’t want the feedback. So, this will be a closed area where one can ponder. I will publicize the items that help people such as research I may have done. Sometimes on Facebook, people really aren’t interested in how I’ve solved one problem or the other. I will hold in private my deepest and innermost thoughts. No one wants to hear that, however I feel like it would be a good and necessary therapeutic tool for me. My psychiatrist asked me “who am I,” but the way he wanted to go about it was insane. I’d like to approach the subject, but perhaps later when I do have some time to myself. Now is not the time to go through a mid-life crisis.